Pneumatic plugs - application

The plugs are designed to close pipes and check their tightness with air or water. Used to:

  • tightness control of newly constructed or modernized sewage and water pipelines;
  • blocking the inflow of medium in service ducts (pipe lines);
  • blocking the inflow of medium to tanks, pools, ponds, ditches;
  • enabling the camera to inspect sections of sewer and water pipes.

In addition to the standard rental offer, we also sell new and used equipment for the operation of water and sewage systems.

We have different sizes of pneumatic plugs. All of them are equipped with push-in fittings for pumping, with two push-in fittings installed in larger sizes. Pneumatic plugs are flexible, they can be bent at 90 degrees. Our offer includes pneumatic plugs VAPO, SAVA, LAMPE, which shape ensures stable holding in the pipe. Plugs, depending on the kind and type, are made of a properly selected mixture of Kevlar and reinforced rubber or just Kevlar. The size, length, weight, wide range of types and excellent sealing properties of the offered plugs guarantee a proper matching of plugs to the customer's requirements and ensures the safety of employees during their work.

The Surbud company has pneumatic plugs in various sizes for sale or rent. Details and prices are negotiable depending on the size, period and number of rented plugs. A refundable deposit is charged for rented plugs.


Technical data of pneumatic plugs

application the size of an empty plug weight Max pressure
diameter DN diameter [mm] length [mm] [kg]  [bar]
DN50-100 45 400 0.4 2.5
DN 100-200 88 550 1.2 2.5
DN 150-300 140 550 2.5 2.5
DN 200-400 185 650 3.3 2.5
DN 300-600 285 850 10 2.5
DN 500-1000 480 1000 27 1.5
DN600-1200 570 1500 40 1.5
DN600-1400 400 1000 35 1.0
DN 800-1700 400 1000 40 1.0